Who we are…

Julie Flynn – Independent Financial Planner & Certified Financial Coach

Julie has been talking money since 1998. She spent the first 15 years soaking up technical (although not necessarily exciting) information.

After accumulating a whole alphabet of letters after her name in qualifications she has realised that isn’t what changes people’s lives and her focus is now on where the big changes happen.

How we think and feel about money. That’s what matters to Julie, helping everyone around her live a life packed full of meaning.

Julie specialises in working with women who have lost their partner through her work here at Bree Wealth. She is also the founder of Ebb & Flow Coaching which works exclusively with women who have lost their partner.

Like: trainers, learning, wine, cheese, wigwams

Dislike: clothes shopping, broccoli (and most green food), glossy magazines

You would never guess: a secret pet shop boys fan

Favourite book: Talking to Strangers – Malcolm Gladwell

Favourite podcast: Freakanomics & Unlocking Us

Favourite film: Jackie Brown

Contact Julie: julie@breewealthandtax.co.uk

Faith Crabb – Trainee Financial Planner & Financial Coach

Faith started in accounts after leaving university having always had a love for numbers. After becoming a single mum, she spent a few years as a stay at home mum before volunteering at a primary school. Faith then worked for 7 years as a teaching assistant. She loved being able to make a difference for the children she worked with, seeing them grow in confidence and start believing in their abilities to achieve was rewarding.

Four years ago Faith met Julie and this sparked an interest in financial planning. She is in the process of taking the exams to become qualified. What really interests Faith about financial planning is helping people to achieve their goals, to gain a new relationship with money that enables them to enjoy living rather than focusing on getting by.

Like: reading, learning, beer, cheese, the beach

Dislike: bananas, loud noises, shopping

You would never guess:  once sang at the Royal Albert Hall

Favourite book: The Chronicles of St Mary’s – Jodi Taylor

Favourite podcast: In her financial shoes

Favourite film: Anything Marvel

Contact Faith: faith@breewealthandtax.co.uk