You may have items of sentimental value which you would like to see a specific family member receive, or a cause which is close to your heart to which you would like to leave a legacy.

We have a great many years experience of helping our clients organise their affairs to ensure that their wishes are respected after they have passed away.

It is also worth noting that Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of the fastest growing taxes in the UK. With careful planning we can help manage any tax liability and prevent any unnecessary tax burden falling on your family.

We can work with your legal representative or can recommend one of our trusted partners, and advise on the following specific areas:

1 Trusts

2 Wills

3 Lasting Powers of Attorney (England & Wales) and Powers of Attorney (Scotland)

4 Probate (England & Wales) and Confirmation (Scotland)

The benefit of considering estate planning is that we can mitigate tax being deducted from your estate, it can avoid unnecessary legal expenses, and you can be certain that those you want to benefit from your property do.