This is why you probably already have car insurance, house insurance and travel insurance.

Arriving on holiday to find your luggage is missing is stressful; but the implications of losing your income through ill health or bereavement may have more serious consequences for your family or your business.

Working together we will help you be certain that you remain financially secure whatever happens.

When discussing what a suitable protection portfolio would look like for you, we will take into account a number of factors:

Protection: are your existing arrangements tailored to your current circumstances? It is not unusual for many of us to have some insurance in place, but for the level of protection provided to be unconnected to what we actually want or need. We will review this for you based on your specific requirement to make sure that there is not a gap between what you need and what you have, and also to make sure you are not paying for protection that you do not need.

Guardianship: who would look after your children if anything happened to you? It is not always the case that if one parent should die that the surviving parent would have parental responsibility. We will be able to advise you on when this is the case, and put in place instructions to reflect your intentions.

Wills: without a will in place, you may be surprised by what would happen to your estate. A will acts almost as an instruction manual for what you wanted after you have gone; this could be how you want your children looked after, what should happen to any money you leave, the family home… without a will in place, the law makes these decisions on your behalf, following the laws of intestacy. Having a will in place will ensure your wishes are respected.

Trusts: you may already have some life cover in place. It is important to consider using a trust for this, as it makes sure that the right money is in the right hands at the right time. Without a trust in place some of the unintended consequences might surprise you… 40% of the life cover you have in place could be paid to the taxman. We can advise you on the appropriate trust arrangements to ensure that any funds you leave for your children are managed properly; that money is paid out quickly and efficiently when your loved ones need it most; and that they do not have to pay tax on any benefits you leave behind.