Bree Wealth Financial Planning Service

Through a series of meetings, we will listen to your story and understand where you want to go. We will explore your personal values and aspirations. Then we can collaborate to build a plan. It will draw upon our expertise in the science of change, allowing us to:

  • Create a plan that brings your unique values and goals to life
  • The plan is for life, but with particular focus on actions and goals for the next twelve months
  • Begin to organise information and paperwork
  • Make sure you have enough cash flow in the short term, and when ready make longer term plans
  • Review of your assets and liabilities and advising where improvements or  efficiency savings can be made


We charge our clients for our professional services which includes advice, implementation and review. We do not currently charge VAT on our fees. Our fees are based upon the time required to provide the advice and service to you, and the level of expertise and responsibility involved.

The Plan
The Planning Service is a one-time fee that covers a customised review of your financial state, now and in the future, and provides specific recommendations. Fees typically range from £2,500 – £5,000 depending on your situation. We will provide you with a personal client agreement outlining the scope of our work together. A deposit of 30% is payable on signing the agreement, with the remainder payable on satisfactory completion of the financial plan.

Keeping the plan on track
A monthly planning fee is charged for ensuring we stay on track to achieve your goals. We focus on actions in the first twelve months in the plan as this gives you (and us) a reasonable timescale to evaluate how the collaboration is working. It’s as important to us as it is to you that there is real value in what we do. While this will be personal to you, it will typically include:

  • Updating your budget and income needs in the plan to make sure that you have security now and, in the future
  • Family review to discuss any changing needs
  • Reviewing your investments, risk, strategy and goals
  • Provide ongoing financial education customised to your preference and needs
  • Adapting the plan as issues surrounding health care and tax changes throughout the years
  • A periodic clear out of unnecessary paperwork so you only ever have what you need to hand
  • Working with your accountant or solicitor

Fees typically range from £250 per month upwards.

We also have in house tax and legal experts who can assist as necessary. There may be an additional charge for some of these services.

Investment Management Services & Fees

There may be some investment decisions that were appropriate for you in the past. We can provide guidance on any changes you need to make to ensure they fit your current financial plan. Which you can then arrange yourself. There is no charge for this.

If you prefer, we can review and adapt your portfolio based on your situation, your views and values relating to money. We will then take responsibility for ensuring that your portfolio continues to fit your financial plan. Naturally, if we are taking responsibility for managing your money, we will charge you for this.

Fees are on a sliding scale, starting at 0.75% reducing to 0.25% of assets.

Hourly Rate

On occasions, it makes sense for us to work on an hourly rate. This typically happens when we have been asked to prepare work for a solicitor or accountant. Our hourly rate for a financial planner is £325, for an associate financial planner it is £150.