Why? It probably isn’t something you do every day and as such can be a step into the unknown.

At Bree Wealth & Tax, we speak to people and guide them on making these decisions every day. We believe that investing money for your future shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, we live by the motto “if you don’t understand it, don’t do it”. This is why for many years we have been helping people make the most of their savings.

There are no guarantees in life, (we’ll talk about the two exceptions later) but our years of experience have taught us that if we follow a strict process of understanding your goals, your attitude to investing, how you depend on your savings; then we can design a savings and investment portfolio which will achieve your long term goals.

How do we design investment portfolios? Once we have a sound understanding of your experience and appetite for investments, we build an asset model specifically for you. This is something you will be familiar with, as in essence, it means not putting all of your eggs in one basket. We will carefully ensure that your money is in lots of different ‘baskets’. The benefit of this approach is that by diversifying across different types of investments we will reduce the risk of your investment.

The next part of the design is making sure that we invest your money in a way that is tax efficient for you. Sometimes this means using investments which are tax free, but it can also mean sometimes getting tax relief. This is where we can reclaim some of the tax you have already paid. We think this is important, because the less tax you pay, the longer your money lasts or the quicker you can reach your goal.

Once we know what your design should look like, we will then conduct research on the most appropriate solution for you. Because we are independent, we will consider every option for you. If your future is important enough for you to have sought advice, we think you deserve the best and that your options should never be restricted.

Some of our clients have been saving with us for so long that they are now comfortable making these decisions themselves, with occasional input from us. So, if that is something you would prefer, we will work with you on a consultancy basis rather than providing the design.